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The Signalling Interest Group of Western Australia (S. I. G. W. A.) began life in 1994, as the research arm of the Claremont Signal Cabin group, which we have been dedicated to for over 30 years!

We need your help, so we are recruiting!
Should you be interested in railway signalling, and are interested in assisting the Claremont Signal Cabin to re-open for Public visits, we would welcome you apply to join our group, please send in your expression of interest by using the email form provided on this page.

A little about us:

Whilst concentrating on the history of the signalling of the railways of Western Australia, SIGWA members also have a broad interest in history, railways and naturally enough railway signalling from here, interstate and internationally.

Some of our previous activities:

SIGWA members have been active in supporting various community events such as 'Trek the Trail' which had been held annually for a number of years by the Shire of Mundaring. These 'treks' were a fantastic way to discover the history and beauty of parts of the former old Eastern Railway lines that once wound it's way up through and along Western Australia's Darling Scarp.
From time-to-time, SIGWA members undertake research outings to places of signalling interest. In the past these outings have taken the form of bicycle rides along the old, abandoned railway formations, or bus tours to a former station that had been threatened with redevelopment. The aim being to document what was about to be 'lost' to history 'before the event'.

Behind the scenes:

An ongoing and intensive amount of work is being carried out by a small number of researchers and writers - you will see their names featured in the articles and Signal Cabin pages all over this site - are attempting to document the history of every signal cabin in Western Australia. Only a portion of this research can be shown on this site, so we need more help!

If you can:
Volunteer some time in a signal cabin; use a computer; or would like to provide, or gather, historical information about signalling history for us from resources such as the wonderful National Library of Australia's TROVE website, we would like to hear from you.

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