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How to Help

How to Help? - If you have some time, are resonably handy with a computer, and would like to contribute to our cause there are several ways you can assist by becoming a voluntary, assistant researcher. You can:

Adopt a signal cabin

If you have a special connection to a particular signal cabin, or if it was just the one that was ''at the end of your street", we can help to get you started, then as your research into the cabin and knowledge of it grows, we can work together to write the history of the cabin and eventually publish the results on this web site.

Data handling

We know there are a great many people with computers who would like to do something 'useful' with them. SignallingWA and S.I.G.W.A. need assistance from just such people to enter information into spreadsheets - either in Microsoft Excel or Open Office (free to download) format to be later incorporated into a detailed 'Timeline' database of the history of signalling in the state of Western Australia.

Fill in the Blanks

Throughout these web pages you will see a number of question marks i.e. ? This is due to the fact that there is still very much work to be done, and only limited time and resources (people) to undertake the research. If you can provide this, or any other detail about the signal cabins or signalling in Western Australia, you are heartily encouraged to send it in to speed the work along and enhance these pages for the education and enjoyment of others. Ample e-mail forms are provided throughout these pages to enable the return of data. Thank you in anticipation!

Newspaper Searches

Using readily accessible internet sites in Western Australia and at the National Library of Australia, or by visiting your local library and searching through their resources - many interesting stories are awaiting to be discovered about the 'human side' of the railways - and therefore the social history of railway work. If you do not have access to a computer of your own, do not wish to submit data 'on-line', 'hard copy' of information can always be sent to our snail mail address: SignallingWA, P. O. Box 3432, Mandurah East, Western Australia, 6210

Public Outreach

Several times during each year at various railway events, and monthly at the preserved Claremont Signal Cabin, S.I.G.W.A. members assist with the interpretation and explantion of the railway signalling used in Western Australia to educate the public about this hidden, and now almost lost form of railway work.

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