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East Guildford (2)

Signal Cabins in WA


WAGR - Eastern Railway (E. R.)

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The "New" Signal Box at East Guildford was brought into use on the 15th December 1949. and was incorporated into the Station Building on the Up Platform. This may have been made for similar reasons, perhaps economic, as was done at Guildford.

Along with other stations, some Point Indicators at East Guildford were found to not conform to the Rule 57 (d) of the Book of Rules and Regulations. and were altered to conform, the work being advised as completed in Weekly Notice 27 / 1954.

On the 2nd of July 1954 the Down Starting signal was relocated to a position 278 feet closer to the station, which brought it to a location on the Perth Side of the level crossing.

In order to provide protection to road users, Flashing Light warning signals were installed on the East Street Level Crossing on Thursday, 2nd of September 1954. The instructions advised that provided the respective Up Home and / or the Down Starting and Home signals were at 'Proceed', the Flashing Light warning signals would start working when a train was a quarter of a mile from the crossing. Special instructions were to be followed if the train was leaving the siding via No. 8 points.

In a listing of the Absolute Block Stations on Page 369 of Weekly Notice 13, of 1964 for the week ending 18th April 1964, East Guildford was listed among those still using the Three Position Block instruments which had been developed by WAGR Signal Engineer Harold Dowson in the early 1900s.

The table also gave the opening hours for the cabin during week days and Saturdays, but the signal box was closed on Sundays.

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The end of the signal box was to come about ten weeks later, when Weekly Notice 23 of 1964 contained the notice that the Three-Position Block, all the Semaphore Signals and Interlocked points at East Guildford were to be removed on Sunday, 28th June 1964. The Automatic Colour Light Signalling system was instituted between Bassendean and Midland Box 'A' and train working through the site was to be under the rules applicable, meaning that East Guildford became a partly attended passenger station. The Assistant Station Master was withdrawn on the 5th October 1964, leaving the station attended only by the Station Master between certain hours of the day. Interestingly, a Station Master was still appointed to the station during the week ending 10th April, 1965.

The East Guildford (2) Signal Cabin had an "In-service" life of 14 years, 7 months and 14 days. Now, nothing of the signal Cabin can to be seen at the site.

EAST GUILDFORD (2) Employees

This list may not be complete and does not yet include employees who worked here without being appointed.
Where an appointment date is unknown, the Weekly Notice (WN) date advising of the appointment or other official documentation, i.e. Certificate of Competency (CC) will be used.




Soultanis, E. (Porter) 13/04/1950 - WN 18 / 1950 To Clerk, Perth Goods (6)
Schorer, R. K. - Signalman 22/06/1950 - WN 28 / 1950 To Clerk, Midland Junction
Van Erp, F. A. (Porter)
17/03/1952 - WN 13 / 1952
To Clerk, Perth Goods (6)
Van Erp, F. A. (Porter)
30/07/1952 - WN 30 / 1952 To Night S. M., Picton Junction
Antalfy, M. L. A. No Date Recorded - WN 17 / 1953 To Relief Porter, Perth
Morton, J. W. 27/10/1953 - WN 44 / 1953 Assistant Station Master
Hamilton, N. F. (Porter) 18/06/1955 - WN 24 / 1955 To Safe Working Porter, Doodlakine
Whitworth, N. J.
27/08/1955 - WN 34 / 1955 Porter
Forbes, N. C.
No Date Recorded - WN 29 / 1957
To Ticket Porter, Perth
Ryan, M. J.
No Date Recorded - WN 07 / 1958
Morton, J. W.
14/12/1959 - WN 01 / 1960 To Night S. M., York
Heeson, K. W. 25/05/1960 - WN 23 / !960 To Night S. M., Wongan Hills
O'Loughlin, A. W.
No Date Recorded - WN 42 / 1960
O'Loughlin, A. W.
09/10/1962 - WN 41 / 1962 To Ticket Porter, Perth
Whitworth, N. J.
09/10/1962 - WN 41 / 1962
To Ticket Porter, Perth
Morawiec, T. (ex West Leederville)
No Date Recorded - WN 04 / 1963
Vidic, A. (Porter) 23/12/1963 - WN 01 / 1964 To S. M. (6), Menzies
Boylan, W. P. (Porter)
No Date Recorded - WN 17 / 1964
To Ticket Porter, Perth
Patchett, L. J. (Porter)
No Date Recorded - WN 17 / 1964
To Ticket Porter, Perth
Banting, K. J. (ex S. M. Mukinbudin)
No Date Recorded - WN 13 / 1965
Station Master (6)
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East Guildford - The Model
Thanks to the efforts of Neal Blinco and friends, the East Guildford station, at least in model form, can still be seen. This model had come to the attention to SIGWA due to the attention to detail of the semaphore signalling in use at the time.
Neil has constructed a very good model of the station in the modelling scale known as Sn3.5 - The 'S' indicates the modelling scale (being 3/16th of an inch to 1 foot); the 'n' indicates that the model is of 'narrow gauge' railways and the 3.5, or perhaps more correctly 3 1/2, represents the gauge of the prototype railway. Until the arrival of Standard gauge in the 1960s, Western Australian railways were constructed to the gauge of 3 foot 6 inches.
This model won two awards at the AMRA Model Railway Show, where it was exhibited. SIGWA is pleased to observe a number of details: One of which, was the two 'rodding tunnels' (the black areas under the platform), the right-hand one of those indicates the location of the previous signal cabin then named Woodbridge; The other items of course, are the semaphore signals, including the co-acting Starting signal near the footbridge.

NOTE: This page is under development - please check back later, however, if you have any additional information on this signal cabin, it would be most welcome - please use the e-mail form provided.

Any additional information on this signal cabin would be most welcome - please use the e-mail form provided on this page.

Information researched and interpreted by Chris. J. E. French of SignallingWA

Additional reference: "Station Masters of WA" by J. Austin 2011

Photographs © by W.A.G.R. courtesy of RHWA Archives (image P14110)

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