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WAGR - Eastern Railway (E. R.)

Mileage:  5

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Renamed - ex 'Cresco'






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Fate: Unknown

Change of name: Weekly Notice 46 of 1954, carried instructions regarding the alteration of name for the Cresco Signal Box:
Ashfield (late Cresco), 18/11/1954, Down Distant signal, Down Starting signal and Down Advanced Starting signal and Up Starting signal removed; Down Home signal converted to Down Distant signal, new Down Home signal erected ahead of Down platform; existing Up Home signal and UP Distant signal remain in present positions, Diagram of Signalling 43557; in General Appendix Cresco instructions deleted and Ashfield inserted, noted no siding accommodation and no crossovers, Annett's key for frame kept at Bayswater.

A notification to employees to direct them into the correct passenger cars for those passengers travelling to the new stopping place named Ashfield was published in Weekly Notce 49 for 1954.

The end of this small signal Box's life was announced via the introducation of Automatic Colour Light Signalling between East Perth and Bassendean. This was brought into use on Sunday, the 8th of March 1964 and effectively ended the Three Position Block Signalling system which had been in use constatnly during the box's exisitence.

The structure, carried the name 'Ashfield' for 9 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and 5 days, or a total of 3,398 days.

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ASHFIELD Employees

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