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Robb Jetty (1)

Signal Cabins in WA


WAGR - Owen's Anchorage Line

1938 WAGR MAP Mileage = 15

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29 Lever frame - 12 in use


Fate: Demolished

The original Station and Signalling facilities at what was then known as Robbs Jetty was to say the least, rudimentary. The station building seen in this photo taken by C. Martin of the Civil Engineer's Branch. was merely a grouping of former Waiting Rooms and sheds converted into office accommodation and protected by an overall roof. This latest feature would no doubt have provided some comfort by means of an 'air-gap' - protection from the harsh sun in summer.

In an article in the August edition of the Railways Institute Magazine the station's name is shown as 'Robb's Jetty', but alas the apostrophe, seems to have been intentionally, or unintentionaly misplaced by the 1960s, and by the time the 'new' station was itself replaced in 1972 the name Robb Jetty was clearly in use. The article mentioned above was accompanied by three photos, and this being the last of those was of some of the 'Day Staff' at Robbs Jetty in 1954. Seen in the photo (from Left to Right) is: Junior Clerk, D. Harburn; Assistant Station Master, H. T. Jago; Porter, W. Stinson; Station Relief Officer, J. A. Watkins; Junior Worker, B. Demeo and Station Master, L. W. Bussell. The new amenities constructed by the Civil Engineer's Branch must have been quite an improvement, and was touted as such due to the previous accommodation being described as being 'totally inadequate' due to the rapid expansion of the area South of Fremantle, and was hoped to 'keep the WAGR is step with the busy future envisaged for the depot. Unfortunately, this was not entirely true, as the Signal cabin only achieved a life spand of 18 years, 3 months and 26 days. The Station Building however remained standing until the final days of the site, albeit as a track ganger's office.

The signal box within this building was of an unusual arrangement as it was fitted with a 29 lever frame, but only the center 'bay' of 12 levers were in use.

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The Signalman faced away from the railway, similar to the arrangement at Maylands, but as there were two yard frames, one on each side of the 'Station Frame' it was probably envisaged to one day consolidate those into the 'Station Frame'.

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ROBB JETTY (1) Employees

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Bussell, L. W.
27/12/1952 Station Master (3)
McCarthy, M. E. 20/02/1953 Night Station Master
Watkins, J. A.
Night Station Master
Jago, H. T.
Assistant Station Master (3)
Watkins, J. A.
Station Relief Officer
Digwood, H. T. 21/09/1953 Night Station Master
Harburn, D. As seen in photo in R.I.M. 01/08/1954 Junior Clerk
Stinson, W.
16/04/1954 - WN 15 / 1954
Demeo, B.
As seen in photo in R.I.M. 01/08/1954
Junior Worker
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