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WAGR - Eastern and South Western Railways

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Superceded by MIDSIG

The Centralised Traffic Control of portion of the W. A. G. R. South West Main Line between Mundijong and Pinjarra was described in a document submitted by Signalling Contractors McKenzie and Holland (Australia) Pty. Ltd., dated May 1947.

The description covered the proposal for signalling the single-line sections between the above locations and their intermediate stations by means of A. P. B. signallng with Centralised Traffic Control (C. T. C.), and followed information suppled by the WAGR Chief Civil Engineer following his visit to Melbourne in March of the same year.

Two 'schemes' were offered: Scheme 'A' saw the use of Searchlight signals (a single lens capable of displaying three aspects; and Scheme 'B' for 'unit' colour light signals. As history would later witness, Scheme 'A' was adopted and the Searchlight signals went on to become the 'signal of choice' for the W.A.G.R. Multiple light signals were detailed in the Book of Rules and Regulations which allowed for flexibility of use and possible changes in signal designs.

With much preparatory work being done trackside, official preliminary notice of the impending introducation of the new installation was announced in Weekly Notice 24 of 1958 which covered the week ending 21/06/1958, advising that instructions would be published the following week.

True to form, the Supplement to Weekly Notice 25 of 1958 (dated 20th of June 1958) contained the "General Instructions for the conduct of traffic under the Centralised Traffic Control System of Single Line Automatic Signalling between Armadale and Pinjarra."

The section between Armadale and Byford however, retained the Electric Staff method of working until 5th of October that year.

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The South West C. T. C. control panel was situated in a 1st Floor Room of Perth Station, and later saw the installation of other panels covering different Train Control areas, such as the Avon Yard to Midland (Dual Gauge line through the Avon Valley opened in 1966) and the Forrestfield Marshalling yard to Kwinana and Robb Jetty.

Years latter these panels and more were moved to the then newly-built Midland Signalling Centre (known as 'MIDSIG').

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