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Perth Box A (1)

Signal Cabins in WA


WAGR - Eastern Railway (E. R.)

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April 1896

March 1898



53 Levers


This Signal Cabin was moved to Northam

This Signal Cabin, reported to be also known as the "Beaufort Street Bridge Cabin", and aguably the first such railway structure in Western Australia, was the subject of a question raised in a report to Parliament on 30/10/1899, in answer to a question that had been put to the Commissioner of Railways, and reported in the Morning Herald newspaper on 31st of October 1899:

"With regard to interlocking ... (Perth) ...The first signal cabin was erected on the east side of the Beaufort Street bridge in April 1896. This cabin contained 53 levers, and was designed in 1895 for working the station, as it then existed. The new cabin was erected in March 1898, nearly 2 years afterwards, and contains 85 levers, 32 more than the old one. The old one was in an unsuitable place for the new station, and it was necessary to shift it as it occupied space required for lines of way. It could not be moved while it was in use, so a new one was built, and the old one taken and used at Northam ..."

Internal documentation also referred to this Signal Cabin as Perth Box 'A' during it's life at Perth. This may be confusing to some as the 'new cabin' referred to in the article above came to be known as Perth Box 'C'. This was due to the fact that prior to July 1899, the use of letters to identify signal cabins in stations where there were multiple cabins in the same station were tied to the orientation of 'Up' and 'Down' direction of train movements. Prior to the date mentioned, the 'Up' and 'Down' directions were reversed to what is contemporaneously known. Evidence of this change has been confirmed on structural drawings for those signal cabins concerned.

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