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Signal Cabins in WA


WAGR - South Western Railway (S. W. R. - Suburban)

1938 WAGR MAP Mileage = 8

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Block Working: Winters

18 Levers

Electrical: 2 Signal Panels

Fate: Demolished

On the 12th July 1970, as part of the intrduction of Colour Light Signalling on the Suburban sections of the South Western Railway, the Winter's two-position Absolute Block working system was withdrawn. As a consequesnce of this, a control panel was fitted into the Cannington Signal Box to operate the Points and Signals at Kenwick Junction.

On the same day, the Signal Boxes at Maddington, Gosnells and Kelmscott were also closed and several Public Sidings at those stations were closed, and the Single line section between Kenwick Junction and Forrestfield opened.

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Sanders, Ernest William
24/08/1966 Porter
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