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SignallingWA Web Site Update

Published by in Update announcement · 9 September 2018
Hi everyone,

There has been lot of minor corrections and ammendments to existing items since the last update, possibly too many to recall.

One notable item though, is that the Fenian's Crossing 'A' and Fenian's Crossing 'B' pages have been amalgamated into a single page and SIGWA member Justin Smith has done a great job of writing about these interesting 'temporary' signal cabins.

Despite the lackof photographic material or trackplans, Justin Smith has also written about River Bridge Box. Should any reader come across any photos or trackplans of this location, please forward them for inclusion.

I have also received some great readers submissions via the e-mail feed back forms on various SignallingWA website pages and hope to upload the soon. Part of this feedback is requesting the creation of a new page to be included in the Block Working Section to explain the sorking of 'Bank Engine Keys'. Should any reader have any reminiscences or information about this form of working and wishes to contribute to the page, please e-mail in the submissions and or photographs and memories for the interest of others. I am sure they will be well received.

As usual, if you have some that you's like to share, or information you would like to add, please send them in using the e-mail form on each page.

Cheers, and 'Line Clear' for now - Chris. J. E. French (SignallingWA).

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